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About Our Centre

Knox Leisureworks offers you a range of programs and facilities for your health, fitness and leisure needs. We are a hub for the Boronia and surrounding community, where both members and casual visitors can come and enjoy our centre facilities.

Facilities include our indoor and outdoor swimming pools and waterslide, 24/7 fitness and gym, cafe and rooms for hire. Our programs and services include GOswim swimming lessons, group fitness, personal training, pool parties, dance classes and more!

Knox Leisureworks Aquatic and Recreation Centre facilities offerings are vast and cater to people of all ages and abilities. Owned by Knox City Council, the facility is proudly managed by Belgravia Leisure. 

Opening Hours 

Monday - Friday

5.30am - 9.30pm 





Pool Hall and Changerooms Close at 9:15pm

What We Offer


12 Jun 24

Diabetes Education at Stay Tuned Sport Medicine

As one of the highest health concerns for Men in the Knox region, it's vital to shine a light on diabetes, a condition affecting millions worldwide. Men, particularly those aged 45 and above, face increased risk.

Our friends at Stay Tuned Sports Medicine have some important insights to share with us in commemoration of Men's Health Week.

01 Jun 24

Meet Ruby Southam - Connecting Communities through health and engagement

From her early experiences in a café and community sports to her impactful role at Knox Leisureworks, Ruby Southam exemplifies dedication to community engagement and health promotion. Her journey highlights the importance of inclusive spaces and active participation in fostering a healthier, more connected community.

19 Sep 23

Why Spring Swimming is Vital for a Safe Summer

Spring is already here and with summer just around the corner, it is vital to consider how you can support your child to be water-safe and ready to enjoy swimming and aquatic activities ahead of the warmer season. Read more to learn why swimming preparation in spring is vital for a safe summer. 

01 Aug 23

The importance of understanding your swimming surroundings

Swimming is an enjoyable and invigorating activity that positively improves health in several ways and serves as a key activity in the lifestyle routines of many. As with any aquatic activity, it is important to understand the environment that you plan to swim in and any potential safety risks and hazards, to enjoy an incident-free swimming experience. Read on to learn more about safe swimming surroundings.

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